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We don't choose between beauty, comfort, and authenticity. We like all three.

Our philosophy branches very simply out of our own experience— something about certain pieces moves us. To linger, to celebrate, to want to touch it, to laugh. Drinks just taste better over a bar that’s dark and heavy.


We are about the feel, so we like pieces that are more than just furniture, and our clients want more than an event— they want an experience.

Marigny Opera House Woodland Tables.jpg


Experience begins with creating the right atmosphere, from intimate gatherings around beautiful wooden farm tables to funky arrangements that promote celebration or brainstorming.

We like to bring you those good vibes through dining, pub, coffee, and accent table collections so the conversation doesn't stop.

Lounge Marigny.jpg


Choose pieces from our seating collection of authentic vintage sofas and classic armchairs and pair them with unique coffee tables, rugs, side tables, and handmade pillows—

all designed in-house.


Whether you love the chic look of a velvet sofa or the timeless feel of a leather armchair from the 1940s, design a custom lounge set based on your favorite piece.

Manhattan Bar.png


Vintage store counter from Chicago or a classy round natural wood bar, it only seems right that drinks in New Orleans are served over a bar that's the real deal. 


Choose from our collection of authentic vintage and handmade wooden bars.

Kilim Vibes
Lounge Marigny
IMG_7814 2
Night-time Chats
Manhattan Bar
Blush & Neutrals on the Bone Sofa
Gin Lounge
Half Round Bar Il Mercato
Trio Lounges
Smoke Purple + Terra Cotta
Marigny Opera House Woodland Tables
Il Mercato Night Lounge
Photo May 25, 7 07 17 PM
NOMA Thonet Chairs
Lola Loveseat Sonoma Table Seating
Oysters on the Indiana Bar
Smoky Blue Bentwood Ceremony Seating
Mood @ MOH
Classy Il Mercato Lounge
LRB Barstools + Aspen Tables
Details of Fringe
Holmes Cabinet + Maryland Bar
Color Lounge @ MOH
Harvest Tables @ Seraphim House
Pathway Lounge @ Race
Cottage Tables
Northwood High Boys
Mixed Seating @ Maison Lafitte
Il Mercato Doors Lounge
Soft Terracotta
French Canvas
Gold High Boys
Deep Greens + Linen
Cream Linen Bentwoods @ Il Mercato
Holmes Cabinet & Maryland Bar
Guestbook Vibes
Outdoor Marigny Opera House Lounge
Back-to-Back Lounges @ Il Mercato
Golden Hour + Terra Cotta + Belgian
Half Circle Bar in Action
Terra Cotta @ Il Mercato
Dusty Blues @ MOH
Cozy Blues
Golden Hour & Smoke Purple
Wood Cabarets
Cozy Sofas
Inside Round Bar Il Mercato
Portia and Ellen Fireplace Lounge
Neutral Fireplace Lounge Il Mercato
Indiana Bar Outside @ Marigny
Old Ursuline Outdoor Lounge
New Orleans Country Club Lounge
Il Mercato Lounge
Race and Religious Derby Tables
Ceremony Soft Seating Il Mercato
Round Sonoma Cake Table
Barcelona Il Mercato
Round Bar Center Fireplace_edited
Il Mercato Lounge
Barcelona Table at Stella
Outdoor Styled Lounge
Race and Religious Lounge
Il Mercato Lounge
Pedestal Console Table Old Urusaline
Head Table at Race and Religious
Styled Lounge
New Orleans Country Club Lounge
Wooden Highboy Table
Il Mercato Lounge
Industrial Tables & Bourbon Bar
Family Style Table Seating
Barcelona Il Mercato
Harvest Table at Race & Religious
Wedding Featured in Martha Stewart
Race and Religious Lounge
Styled Lounge at Old Ursuline
Elms Mansion Southern Wedding
Eloise Sofa at Il Mercato
Onyx Desk Cake Display
Rose Buffet Confetti Bar
Farm Tables
Linen Round Back Ceremony Seating
Shreveport Outdoor Lounge
Harvest Tables
Harvest Tables Race and Religious
Fireplace Lounge
Guest Book Tabla at Stella
Wedding Lounge Il Mercato
Zinc Top Desk Cake Display
Farm Tables
French Farm Table Cake Display
Outdoor Seated Dinner
Champagne Bar
Sweetheart Edith Chairs

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For me, there is just something about walking into a space that feels good. It may be clean or romantic or warm or comfortable or breezy, may be a home or event or private gathering. But you know it when you feel it, and I've found it's a beautifully universal language.

So grateful I am able share my love for unique pieces that just have a way of making a space feel right.


Owner & Designer