Seating Guests in 2020

In the past several months, we have all been challenged as individuals, as a society, as vendors, as brides, as grooms. We have been challenged to create new and innovative ways to solve problems that are new to our wheelhouse. But as a team, we don't like to put on a defeatist attitude, but rather, put our heads together and face hiccups and turns in our path with a "can-do," kind of mentality. The COVID-19 pandemic, and social distance guidelines are no exception to that.

So what does a wedding look like while adhering to these guidelines? While some may find they want to punt their plans to next year and throw the larger-sized shindig of the ages (which we certainly understand!), others may be ready to make it intimate. And for those, we think it can be BEAUTIFUL. By gaining key points of information from you and your guests, we can create a restaurant style seating plan that is not only safe and comfortable for you and your guests, but also beautiful to see all laid out.

What we need from you? You will let us know the number of guests in each party, similarly to how you would give a hostess your party size before being seated to eat at a restaurant. After that, we will create a combination of tables (seating from 2 to 8 guests) that include both our soft seating and dining chairs mixed througout. This creates spacing that is feels like it was meant to be there-- imagine seating at your favorite boutique restaurant with loveseats "booths." arm chairs, wall seating with tables, couples at an intimate 2-top table woven in alongside families at their own tables, all creating a perfectly joyous hum where everyone has their space, and yet you all feel...together.

Want a little more? You can choose to mix in some of our high top table options with backed barstools. This will give you a variety of heights throughout your reception area adding depth and dimension to your seated dinner.

The rest is our favorite. Give us your vibe, your dream color scheme. Neutrals or pops of color? Deep hues or muted pigments? What shape of table, what tone of wood? We will walk hand in hand throughout this whole process.

We hear people saying quite often that these are "unprecedented times," and while that may be true, we don't believe that you have to let certain elements of your event go by the way-side. If you want to pull in your nearest and dearest and celebrate within the guidelines, why not have yourself an "unprecedented event?"

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