Ceremony Seating

We love creating ceremony seating with chairs that compliment the space they are in! Some of our favorite designs include our Bentwood Chair Collection, and there is something to be said about the way these beauties look in a row! Our collection includes the option for organic linen, mauve velvet, or smoky blue cushions. Looking to mix it up?! Incorporate lounge chairs with upholstered benches for a modern twist on a timeless design (and a super chic, comfortable way to spread out your guests if you’re navigating social distancing layouts!) You can drop in pillows and rugs to soften the design, and this is what ceremony dreams are made of!

Featured Pieces: Natural Bentwood Chairs, Black Thonet Bentwood Chairs, Linen Round Back Chairs, Canvas Wooden Benches, The Gallery Hand-Painted Garden Bench, The Gallery Hand-Painted Vine Bench, The Gallery Hand-Painted Floral Chairs, Jane Chairs, Bella Pink Chairs, French Canvas Chairs, Remi Chairs, Finn Chair, Faith Chair, Belgian Square Chair, Belgian Round Chair, Dove Chairs, Round Pedestal Side Table, Drylands Rug Collection.

Featured Vendors: Il Mercato, Race and Religious, Brennans, J Daniels, Arte De Vie, Lauren Steffan

Natural Bentwood Ceremony Chairs

Mauve Natural Bentwoods At Il Mercato

Smoky Blue Natural Bentwoods At Race and Religious

Smoky Blue Cushion

Matte Black Bentwoods with Mauve Cushion

Matte Black Bentwood Chair with Linen Cushion

Soft Ceremony Seating

Outdoor Ceremony Isle Runner

Outdoor Soft Ceremony Seating

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