Introducing The Fringe & Mid Century Collections

And just like that, another labor of love is in the books!

Every collection somehow ends up with a wild story (often lots of them!), but this one will certainly go down as one for the ages-- we moved to the last phase of finishing this collection one week before COVID-19 brought New Orleans (and the rest of the country/world!) to a screeching halt. We quickly went from one extreme to the other, and after some thought, our team decided to see this one through.

I am glad we did.

You can hear the story of this collection and see the intro video, these pieces styled in lounges, and more behind the scenes on our instagram in our stories today, and it will be saved in our highlights.

Introducing our Fringe and Mid Century Collections

(and a few new additions to our always growing Vintage | Striking Collection in blues and neutrals!)

We hope you love it!

Photos by J.Daniels Photo

Venue: Infinity Farms Floral: Leaf and Petal

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