Having a Smaller Over-the-Top Wedding: Fewer People, More Experience!

One of the things that's come out of the pandemic affecting events is the discussion about smaller guest counts. Sure, it started as a necessity as everyone started to consider the possibilities--

What if we can't have the guests who would have to travel? What if we are limited in the number of guests allowed for awhile? What if a big group of guests may not feel comfortable gathering later this year but our closest friends and family would? What if we just want to be a little safer by having a little smaller group?

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But I also think something else is happening beyond couples asking themselves what if they HAVE to make it smaller. I think as some couples considered this, they started to entertain what that would feel like and, perhaps, started to like it. And maybe they caught themselves thinking, "Wait. What if I WANT to make it smaller?" Sure-- for some-- if you are ready to rumble with your college pals and throw down on the dance floor and really have a blow out, the big party is still for you! And still going to be just as much fun (once we can get back to it!) But some couples entertained what doing a smaller event would look like-- what would it feel like do MORE for FEWER?