The Sunset Collection

This collection was truly a labor of love. Love for authentic pieces, for the process, for the fabrics, for how WE imagine color. All of it. From start to finish, it evolved little by little into exactly what it needed to be, and each piece is finally right at home with us as part of the Distressed line-up. We hope you love it!


Sunset Sofa Collection
Sunset Collection New Orleans
Neutral Soft Seating Collection New Orleans

Gold Metal Table Collection

Featured Pieces: Golden Hour Sofa, Golden Hour Chairs, Sunset Rug, Terracotta Sofa, Peach Kilim Floor Pillow, Gold Kilim Floor Pillow, Terracotta Poufs, Wisteria Sofa, Iris Loveseat, Purple Tribal Rug, Smoke Purple Chairs, Whisper Chairs, Iris Poufs, Sazerac Sofa, Pomegranate Rug, Sazerac Poufs, Rosewater Poufs, Kilim Bench, Lawson Sofa, Cream Wool Wrapped Poufs, Soft Blue Turkish Rug, Sloane Sofa, Dove Chairs, Jane Chairs, French Canvas Chairs, Belgian Square Chair, Belgian Round Chair, Sunset Gold High Boy Table, Sunset Square Coffee Tables, Sunset Square Side Tables, Sunset Oval Coffee Tables, Sunset Oval Side Tables.

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