Adding Consoles to A Lounge Near You

Console tables are at D|r&r! A complete lounge space is key when it comes to pulling spaces together for events. With rugs, pillows, and end tables, we want all of our lounges to feel complete. Now, with the help of some stunning new pieces, you can tie console tables into your space. Not only are they beautiful, but they also help the functionality of your space. We have had some creative planners utilize them for anything from a sign in table to an added space for guests to place a drink. We love the way these tables look with simple potted plants or our demijohns to add an extra stylistic element. Scroll through some of our favorite ways to utilize a console table in lounges.

|Featured Pieces: Jensen Sofa, Graham Chair, Kentucky Chairs, Carved Coffee Table, Pedestal Console Table, Grace Love Seat, Kate Coffee Table, Rattan Console Table, Hampton Chair

|Featured Vendors: J.Daniels Photos, Il Mercato , The Plant Gallery

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