I love all types of furniture. I get asked a lot what my personal "style" is, and it's pretty much in every one of the pieces I've brought into our collection. I love the mashup of formal and casual and feminine and masculine things. One of my favorite pieces right now is a primitive American-made, very worn table that is well over 100 years old and was recently recovered from a barn in Virginia. Picking a favorite style is tough since a big part of what I love about it all is the juxtaposition and that they are not all the same. Lately, though, I have spent time with some French pieces that have given me all the good feels. Most people think of gaudy gold and "French Country" (how many pieces can be white washed!) when we think about French pieces. But there's a lot more to it. It can be a such a good combo of minimalist meeting more detailed designs. Lots of curves, eras when they simplified the French style into straighter legs and, some of my personal favorites-- Napoleon III chairs that just seem to be the perfect balance of beautiful and comforting/inviting. Since I choose the textiles for all of our pieces, I get to see them pulled apart and the heart and bones of them, and sometimes, that's when they are the most beautiful to me. French pieces always seem to have good bones, and sometimes it's hard to make myself cover them back up! Here are a few of our French style pieces that are on my faves list.


Indigo Napoleon Chair | Bingham Chair | Anne Sofa | Edith Chairs | Ella Sofa | French Napoleon Chairs

Photographed by: J.Daniels Photo

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