Share the Love- dr&r

I think it's human nature when we do good things for us to have a moment of "Is it worth it?" That quick moment of "is it worth it?" sparked a mission in the heart of our boss lady, Audra O'Dom. In high school, Audra worked part time for a while at a small flower shop. Every Wednesday, she would take the flowers that were going to be thrown out for the week to the men and women in the local retirement home on her way home from work. After continually bringing them for weeks, she had that little moment of "Is it worth it?" and stopped bringing her little bundles of flowers. Then, one Wednesday, Audra decided she would go back. When she returned, one of the ladies to whom she delivered flowers to asked her, "Where have you been with my flowers? You always come on Wednesday's." From that moment on, Audra never missed a week while she worked at the flower shop.

Fast forward years later, Audra built from the ground the d|r&r family. One thing she wanted to preserve was the giving back. And so our "Share the Love" program was born. Our clients are given the option to donate leftover florals from their events to our Share the Love mission, and we pick those florals up along with their rentals when the event has ended. Our staff break the arrangements apart and rearrange them in individual vases with a sticker of love from the donors. From there, they are packed up and hand delivered to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the area. It is a small way for us to Share the Love in our community, and we encourage you to do the same in yours.

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