VH1 Save the Music + Chef Donald Link

Musically Mastered Menu came to town and combined great music with great food for the mission of keeping music in our local schools. We had the honor of providing rentals and space design for this event featuring R. City and New Orleans' own Chef Donald Link at Caclasieu in New Orleans.

Let there always be good food and good music! - Audra

Vendors: Absolute Vodka, Food & Wine, R. City, Victory, Vh1 Save the Music, AVNET, Dark Horse, WWOZ, Link Restaurant Groom, Heineken

Our pieces used in this event: Eloise Sofa, Charleston Chairs, Origami Coffee Table, Metal Shelving, Edith Chairs, Graphite Benches, Chloe Chairs, Ava Sofa, Emily Sofa, Industrial Coffee Table, Harvest Tables, Poufs, Leather Butterfly Chair

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