What does the process look like when working with Distressed Rentals & Revivals?


Our clients who come to us at every point in the process—some who know exactly what they want, some who have an idea but want help pulling it together, and others who are just getting started and need ideas on what is possible. We start with you where you are. From there, it looks something like this:


  • You fill us in on what you're hoping for through a call, our contact form, or a scheduled appointment.

  • We create a proposal for you, including complete pricing and any specific design plan we're recommending, such as items we put together for your Styled Lounge pairings.

  • We work with you to make any necessary changes. And, your proposal automatically updates so that you can see these changes as we make them!

  • Once you feel great about your pieces, our online process makes it quick and easy to process your 50 percent retainer and officially get booked!

  • As you continue to prepare for your event, we're available to answer any questions or make any adjustments.

  • About two weeks prior to your delivery date, we confirm your delivery times and plan with your designated representative—you, your planner, event manager, or your venue!

  • Time for delivery! Our team handles complete White Glove Delivery to ensure your rentals go just as planned. If you booked a Styled Lounge area, this is when we make sure everything looks and feels complete.

  • You say, "Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!" Then you enjoy your event!

  • Our team handles complete pick-up after the event, ensuring all items are picked up and completely clear of the venue by the required time.

  • You tell us you had an awesome time and loved every second.

  • We high five and have all the good feels!


What does a consultation look like?


Depending on where you are in the process, we start there to help you land on what rental items will be best for you.


  • Some of our clients know exactly what they want. In this case, you send us a list, and we create a proposal that makes the booking process clear and easy and allows you to get your items reserved as soon as possible. Once your items are booked, we ensure your furniture is placed just as you planned on event day.

  • Some of our clients have an idea of what they like but want help pulling it together—we work with you (and your planner if you have one!) to help make recommendations and build out your rental plan to fit your event. This can take place via email, phone, or by visiting our warehouse for an appointment.

  • And finally, some of our clients just know they like our style and need a place to start! We welcome this. They come in wanting to know what is possible and ask for ideas and about other experiences we have had at their venue. This is fun and gives us an opportunity to share both what we have done/seen at local venues as well as offer some new ideas for things that maybe haven’t been done.


How are you different than other rental companies?


We believe every company is different, and it’s a beautiful thing. For us, we are a little different in that we are deeply furniture focused, and we stick to unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. In fact, nearly every piece in our collection has been reupholstered or designed from scratch, and our owner’s favorite thing to do is select fabrics and design new pieces! We don’t carry any wholesale party rental items. Instead, we source pieces one at a time from all over of the country (and even the world) to build a unique collection that will give you a way to bring this feel to your space. We work closely with some great party rental companies for our clients who also need items from them. View our collection to see our items for yourself!


How did you get into this industry?


For as long as I can remember, I have been really sensitive to my environment and tweaked my space to have a certain feel—my space totally affects my mood. After a few life turns, this led me to furniture, which evolved into building and designing furniture pieces for homes. I found it was very hard to find pieces that were equally comforting and beautiful, and this was paramount for me. (Vintage pieces are often able to bring this beautiful mix!) Eventually, as my business grew, people began to reach out to me to do events. I saw how people similar to me might feel really limited in finding what they need to create this feel, and I saw events as an opportunity for me to work with furniture and create a collection that can be shared with others. It’s truly a passion! View my Editorial & Design page to get a feel for the settings I've been thrilled to create for our clients.


What size events can you accommodate?


We definitely do events of all sizes with guest counts ranging anywhere from 10 to 500 just in our events this month! We recently had an incredibly intimate dinner with just 13 people, and this week, we will be creating 15 lounge areas at a single event for thousands of guests. Our role varies based on what our clients want to create—we have events where we provide every item and others where we are brought in just for specific tables, lounge spaces, or bars.


How much do you cost?


Our items are priced individually, so your order total is based on the items you book with us. To provide the quality we feel our clients deserve, we do have a minimum order of $750 in rentals, not including delivery. Reach out to us about what you’re looking for. Your first proposal will include complete pricing!


Can I rent one piece from the collection?


We do not require a minimum number of items. However, we do have a minimum order of $750 in rentals (not including delivery) to ensure we can provide the quality of service we believe our clients deserve.


What kind of events do you do?


Lots! Part of the fun for us is getting to create lots of different styles of spaces.


We work with all sorts of events, including weddings, corporate events, private gatherings, and personal celebrations like cool luxe 30th birthday parties & baby showers, grand openings, and fundraisers. We also provide furniture for some fun things like films/TV (MasterChef!), brands (Target, Gucci,etc!), and intimate seating for movie premiers. Browse our blog to see some examples of previous events we've worked on.


Can the furniture be used outside?


Absolutely! In the event of rain, clients should just have a “rain plan” so that they can still enjoy their event without getting soaked! This is simply an alternative floor plan where your rentals should be placed by our team in the event of rain.


What kind of venues have you worked with?


We are lucky to work with some great venues, including Marigny Opera House, Ace Hotel, Il Mercato, The Monastery, Race and Religious, Latrobe's, Stella Plantation, Sugar Mill, Bevolo, Hotel Monteleone, Art Garage, Hermann-Grima House, Beauregard Keyes House, The Chicory, The Jaxson, Elms Mansion, Marche, Board of Trade, Calcasieu, Jazz Fest, Pigeon & Prince, City Park, Ritz-Carlton, NOPSI, Windsor Court, and Pitot House. Yikes! I am sure we are leaving some great ones out, and we always love new spaces! We also occasionally work events out of state.


What is your rental period? How long can I rent pieces?


Our rentals are booked by the day. You can rent them for one or multiple days. We have clients who rent anywhere from one day to one month. The prices do scale so the daily fee drops the longer you have the pieces.


How far in advance should I reserve pieces?


While we do not have a requirement on how early you must book prior to your event, we do book out up to 18 months, so we recommend booking your items (especially those you really want!) as soon as possible to ensure we can take care of you. As you know, our items are mostly one-of-a-kind, so there are not many multiples on some things. And trust us—we know how it feels to be attached to certain pieces! So, we recommend booking your larger “core” items as soon as possible. You can always add other items on to your order as you continue to plan!

Do you require a payment to book?


We require a 50 percent retainer. This reserves your items and officially gets you on the books!


What happens if a piece is damaged at an event?


We offer a damage waiver, which protects you from fear of accidents!


What forms of payment do you accept?


All of them! (Hello, Amex points!) We have an online payment system that stays with you throughout the booking process and allows you to make payments with all major credit cards (including American Express and Discover). Many of our corporate clients pay via ACH or wire transfer. While we do prefer online payments to keep a better paper trail for you, we also accept checks. (You can do e-check through our invoices also!)


Do you deliver?


Yes! We handle complete delivery and pick-up of all of our rental items at times of your choosing, which you can change up to 30 days prior to delivery. This is included in our all-inclusive flat-fee White Glove Delivery Service!


I only need a few small things. Can we just pick them up?


To maintain the quality of our collection and to honor our insurance, we do require that all furniture items be delivered. Just reach out to us. We will be happy to answer questions!


I love your pieces, but I don’t know which ones are best for my event. Can you help?


Yes! We know that putting pieces together can be overwhelming. We offer help with designing pairings that will best fit your event.


Can we visit your warehouse?

Yes! While we work hard to give you all of the resources you need to book remotely, we welcome you to visit us by appointment to tell us about your event! Hop over to the Contact page to view our office hours and to schedule a visit.

Why d|r&r?

     In a world of “quick in and out” where it’s all about high volume and cheap prices, we just believe in something different-- superior quality and deeper roots.

     Rather than offering only products, we are committed to providing a complete experience as part of our philosophy on quality. In order to provide this experience, our services are very inclusive-- including guidance from highly experienced and creative team members, direct correspondence throughout the process, a team approach to other vendors who are working on your event, a refined collection of authentic inventory, flat fee delivery to allow you flexibility in the planning process, advanced invoicing systems that allow you to access the very latest version of your order at any time (including photos!) where you can see changes made in real time and easily share access to your always-up-to-date order with other vendors/friends, and finally, total commitment to carrying out your event at all costs when the time arrives, whether that means late hours or more staff and with no additional up-charges on the back end, as we see carrying out your event and overcoming obstacles for you as part of our commitment. ​

Trust us. You’ll feel the difference.

We hope you enjoy the d|r&r experience!


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