What are you doing to protect your team?

Keeping our team (and their families!) safe is on the forefront of our minds and priorities. Since March 15th, our entire full-time team has been working under new standards including rotating schedules in our office and warehouse and increased remote work. We have sanitization processes and PPE in place to ensure our team has access at all times to things that will help keep them safe including disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, carbon filter masks, gloves, good old fashioned sinks & soap, and well-planned delivery procedures.

What are you doing to provide a safe service to clients?

All of our pieces are cleaned and sanitized at our warehouse as part of our usual process. Upon delivery to each event, our team wears gloves and masks, wipes down all hard pieces with disinfectant, and we coordinate with venues to ensure our team is able to deliver and pick up with the least amount of interaction with guests and other vendors. When it’s time to pick up after each event, our team places covers on all soft pieces before removing them, wipes down all hard pieces again with disinfectant, and follows a clear and quick process of exiting the venue swiftly. Once the pieces return to our warehouse, they are “quarantined” and disinfected before returning to rotation in tip-top shape. We also have industrial disinfectant that may be used for our truck if events occur within 48 hours of one another. While transmission through these kinds of surfaces is rare, we want to do everything we can to slow the spread, so we will follow this process for the duration of COVID concerns.

What if we decide to push our event to next year?

We are behind you! We are proud to have offered all of our 2020 clients total support in shifting to a future date even if your original date is not currently under mandate. We want you to be able to fully enjoy your event! We know and understand this is not an option for every company you may work with as the inter-workings of every business are different, but this is currently something we feel we can do to help. Just let us know, and we will help you through our super zen, no-stress date-change process! :)

Also, you may want to check out our CONVERTIBLE WEDDINGS designs-- we designed them for those of you who are ready to make a plan that can flex a bit. Check them out HERE! 

If there is a mandate lowering guest count, what if we want to keep our date and redesign it into a really intimate gathering?

We feel you! This is such a personal thing. For some, moving your date to next year is really worth it to have the big shin dig! For others, personal and intimate (and married!) is sounding really good at the moment! If this is you, we are here for it. We have created a number of great designs to follow state and local guidelines for socially distanced ceremony seating, some super cool restaurant-style dinner seating, pretty bar displays manned by servers, etc. We are committed to following all guidelines and are happy to help if you want to make your event happen within them.

You may also want to check out our CONVERTIBLE WEDDING designs-- check them out HERE!

Can we still come in for a meeting?

Yep! In compliance with all local and state guidelines, you are welcome to schedule a meeting with our team at our warehouse or a Zoom meeting online with our On-Boarding Coordinator.

We are planning for a date in 2021 or 2022. Should we be booking now?

YES! While we are ALWAYS here and ready to help and you can book us any time prior your event, everything we do is based on availability. We highly encourage you to get on the books if you know you want to secure our services!

We book out up to 18 months in advance (in our pre--COVID process), and with so many events shifting from 2020 to '
21 and '22, you’ll want to get your most-loved items locked in as soon as you can to ensure everything you need is available. If your event is April-December 2021, you can take advantage of our “The Love Will Go On” sale and get 20% rentals for your wedding when you book and pay in full before August 31st. You can read more about that here!


We expect to see a huge rally and to really "let the good times roll" when this is all behind us, and we are committed to doing our part to not only to be here for our clients as they navigate during this time, but also to be fully prepared when events pick up to full speed again. We want to ensure we are fulfilling our promise to be the best designer furniture rental company in the Big Easy and -- at the same time--  to provide safety and good judgement along the way for the greater good of everyone involved. If this hasn’t reminded us of anything else, it has reminded us that doing life together is important. And we will be here doing what we do-- creating pieces that create experiences-- so you can get back to it when the time comes!