Because your company is too innovative for folding tables.


we know how to break up large spaces into areas where your people will want to be.

we know you need the space to inspire them to brainstorm, invest, develop, and connect.

we know you need to give them an experience that feels anything but corporate.

we do authentic furniture because nothing beats an authentic atmosphere.


Films, premiers, brands, private gatherings, team milestones, retreats, fests, and just really good trips to New Orleans.

We love our corporate gigs.

We love it because it’s the difference between a product and an experience, and that is the core of our philosophy. 

Because we believe the character of your company is its most important feature, we help you create spaces that make people feel something— whether it’s creating a space where your prospective clients want to linger for networking and leave with a lasting impression, a space that will drive home the culture of your business to those who work within it, or spaces at a conference that will inspire your team to go forward and create something innovative

Choose your own pieces from our inventory or work with Audra to have us handle your space more completely. 

Reach out, and tell us what you're trying to do.


Event Producer

Audra and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Audra was very accommodating, and the furniture was beautiful and in perfect condition. Everything, from ordering to delivery to load in to collection, was seamless, and every piece was exactly how it was advertised. Audra advised us on the various set and what would work together, and everything worked really well.

I would absolutely recommend Distressed for any event and will certainly be using them again in the future.


Director of Event Marketing

WOW -- thank you Audra and team! Our recent executive event at Calcasieu was magnificent. Distressed Rentals truly nailed the vibe, the ambiance, and created the perfect event!

From planning to execution, everything was flawless.


HBO Lounge at Chicory
Mini Manhattan Bar
Family Style Napa Table
Kingsway Studio Red Lounge
Zen Vibes + Floor Pillow with Rugs
Round Bar + Holmes Cabinet Art Vibes
Floor Seating at Moroccan Tables
Library Bentwoods
Double Holmes Cabinets + Long Maryland Bar
Sloane Lounge at Gallier Hall
Chicago Bar
Lola Loveseat Cabaret Nooks
Napa Table Girls Night
Barcelona Tables at Ace Hotel
Moody Golden Hour Lounge
Pontchartrain Chairs
Terra Cotta with Leather
Lola Loveseat & Valentina Poufs
All White Sahara Table Seating
Steelwood + Tahoe Tables
Onasis Sofa & Justine Chairs
Sunset Vibes @ The Chicory
Steelwood Barstools + Tahoe Table Seating
Sazerac Sofa
Napa Table Private Dinner
Jane Chairs with Leather
Race and Religious Bridge Lounge
Joel Sofa + Leather + Smoke Purple
Color + Leather Lounge
Gin and Justine Sofa Lounge
Sunset Gold High Boys
Deep Moods Wisteria Lounge
Chic Bentwood + Industrial Seated Dinner
Josephine and Lawson @ Chicory
Black and Gold at Gallier Hall
Evelyn Sofa Industrial
Ace Hotel Courtyard Lounge
Mid Century at Race
Full Room of Mini Lounges for Interview Panel
Cane Sofa at Ace
Lounges at Calcasieu, New Orleans
HBO Event at Ace Hotel
Whiskey Barrels at Calcasieu, NOLA
Lounge for The Knot @ Il Mercato
High Boys at Race
VH1 Save the Music
Prince and the Revolutions Band Interview Panel
Chef's Dinner
Race and Religious Purple and Leather Lounge
Break Out Group Mini Seating
VH1 Cocktail Nooks
Sponsors Lounge
Dinner + Cocktail Space
Save the Music
Mini Pool Lounge Race and Religious
Black Side Table Gallier Hall
Maryland Bar with Holmes Cabinet
Adlea Sofa After Party Lounge
Holmes Cabinet Tales of the Cocktail
Grant sofa Cluster Lounge